School Records, Roane County

Do you know the location of one of the county schools?  Do you have any old pictures of one of the schools?  If so, would you be willing to share with others?   Please contact me if you’d be able to help.

History of Education in Roane County

    Rock Creek School
    Valley Belle School – located on Wolfe Creek in Vicars for grades 1 – 9.  It opened approximately 1888 and closed in the mid 1960s.  The building burned in the 1990’s.  [Thanks Kimberly Harris for the information]


Sue Shouldis Cowsert writes

“I attended the Walton Elementary in Walton next to the old high school. The original high school burned in the late 30’s or early 40’s.

The grade school had 6 class rooms (2 were in the basement) behind the 2nd grade class room was an unfinished area which held the candy store. The upstairs had a porch and a center hallway. At the back of the hallway was the kitchen. We all took turns by class and went to the kitchen door and got our trays. Then we went back to our class to eat. After we ate, we took the trays back and dumped out the leftovers into a large can and gave the tray back to the kitchen. The older girls often got free lunches for helping out in the kitchen. Bessie Canterbury was a cook then (in the early 50’s) and the food was excellent. Some of the teachers I remember are Mrs. Deverick, Mrs. Matics, Mrs. Green, Mrs. Looney, Mrs. Jackson, and the 6th Grade Teacher/Principal was Mr. Cleo Berry.

There was an old abandoned school house at the end of Long Ridge where it connects with Ambler Ridge. It was called Mt. Levin. I believe there was a Green Creek School as well. I am also aware of a one room school on Johnson Creek.”