Hall Family

Hall Family - Geary and Walton Districts

Source: Compiled by Sherlee C. Hall

    William Vanderbelt and Anna (Fullen) Hall came from Russell County, Virginia to Roane County in 1857. The 1850 Russell County federal census states William and Anna had six children: Sarah Jane, 14; Mary E., 12; Rosanna, 8; James, 5; Lucinda, 4; and Ellen, 2. They settled in Roane County on the upper waters of Pocatalico.

    The 1860 Roane County federal census lists William and Anna with eight children: James, 16; Lucinda, 13; Ellen, 11; Eliza, 9; John, 6; Campbell, 3; Absolom, 2; and [Lilbern], 8/12. All the children were born in Russell County except the last two.

    James Hall, born 5 Dec 1844, the eldest son mentioned above, joined the Union Army in the "Rebellion" in 1861 at the age of 16; assigned to Company G, 9th W.Va. He was discharged in 1863 and re-enlisted 1 Jan 1864 at Fayetteville, W.Va. under General Orders #191 War Department Series 1863. He was transferred to Company I, 1st W.Va. Veteran Volunteers by Consolidation of the 5th and 9th Infantry. James was severely wounded in the thigh 9 May 1864 at Cloyds Farm (Pulaski, Va.) and discharged 21 Jun 1865 at Charleston, W.Va.

    On 6 Dec 1867 James Hall married Rachael Vineyard, born 1 Dec 1845, daughter of William and Sarah (Looney) Vineyard, Sr. William was the son of Presley and Cynthia (Hammock) Vineyard and Sarah was the daughter of Robert and Catherine (Stover) Looney.

    Later, James and Rachael made their home on head of Left Hand of Big Sandy. Their children were:
    Eva, born 1868 - married Bennett Cook
    Wonder, born 1870 - married Newt Drake
    Stella, born 1872 - married Ora Edgel
    Susan, born 1875 - married William J. Justice
    Charity, born 1877 - married Richard Justice
    James D., born 1879 - married Bertha H. Naylor
    William Vanderbelt, born 1881 - married Flora Ann Sergent
    Maude, born 1886 - married Bennett Jarvis

    Rachael (Vineyard) Hall died 6 Dec 1891 and on 2 Oct 1892 James Hall married 28 year old Nancy C. (Justice) Naylor, daughter of Captain William Justice. To James and Nancy were born:
    Romie Clarence, born 1894 - married Icy Smith, daughter of Rev. J. Herby Smith
    Anna, born 1894 - married Robert Burkehart
    Brooks, born 1898
    Sarah, born 1900
    Lonie, born 1903
    Cecil, and
    James and Nancy Hall are buried in the Hall Cemetery at Left Hand, W.Va.

    William Vanderbelt Hall (8 Oct 1881-1 Feb 1946), second son of James and Rachael (Vineyard) Hall, married 24 Dec 1902 to Flora Ann Sergent (15 Jun 1881-11 Oct 1969), daughter of Ephriam and Caroline (Cook) Sergent. Ephriam was the son of William Henderson and Cynthia (Vineyard) Sergent. Caroline was the daughter of Barnabas Snow and Sarah Jane (Truman) Cook.

    William and Flora Ann Hall had five children:
    Hattie Doris "Dorie" (28 Sep 1904-2 Jan 1982) married Daniel Dale Snyder
    Harry Von (19 Jan 1906-27 Mar 1919)
    Roy Hobert (10 Aug 1909-May 1967) married Clara Fulks
    Charles Smith (2 Feb 1914- ) married Mary Louisa Craddock
    Ruby Ruth (7 May 1918-Mar 1998) married Kenneth Vincent Mean.

    William Vanderbelt and Flora Ann (Sergent) Hall are buried at Graceland Memorial Cemetery, Spring Hill, South Charleston, W.Va.

    Compiled by Sherlee C. Hall - Mar 1999


    Sources: Civil War Records, National Archives, Washington, DC - Census Records - Birth Certificates - Death Records
    Cemetery Markers - Charles Smith Hall, grandson of James Hall.

    Hall - of Middle Geary District

    Source: Copied from Bishop's History -- pages 535 + 536

    John Hall is a son of Margaret (Drake) Hall, native of Geary District, was born in 1871; married year 1891, Laura Noe, a daughter of Daniel Noe of the Geary District Noes. He was active and early in life took part in all public affairs; was elected and served his district one term as justice of the peace; many times member of the district board of education; a notary public and scrivener for his part in the county. His farm on Granishe [Grannies] Creek comprises some four hundred acres.

    To John and Laura (Noe), his wife, have been born and by them reared five sons and three daughters; their names as follows: Fred, Elbert, Burl and Harry; the daughters: Cloy, Georgia R. and Icy Pearl.

    The first three named sons served in the World War; Burl died after returning, from injuries by poison gas hurled on him at the fighting front.

    pb - Mar 1999

    HALL - Of Geary and Walton Districts

    Source: Copied from Bishop's History -- page 536

    William and Anna (Fullen) Hall, with their 2 sons, James and Absalom "Abb", came from Russell County, Virginia, and settled somewhere on the upper waters of Pocatalico in the year 1857; bought some land, cleared and made a small farm home and reared the children and closed their life-spans here. There may have been a daughter or daughters of this family but we have never heard of them.

    James Hall, eldest son of above family, was born in Russell County, Virginia, December 5,1844; grew to manhood here as above indicated. "In Spencer, February 6, 1867," having just returned from his long service as a soldier of the Union Armies in the "Rebellion" he married Rachel Vineyard, born December 1, 1845, daughter of William and Sarah (Looney) Vineyard. They made their home first on lands near the Vineyards of Smithfield, and later he moved and made his home and farm on head of Left Hand of Big Sandy. To James and Rachel (Vineyard), his wife, were born: Eva, in 1868; Wonder, 1870; Stella, 1872; Susan, 1875; Charity, 1877; James D., 1879; and William V., 1881.

    The wife, Rachel, having died, James Hall married for a second wife, Nancy C. Justice, a daughter of Captain William Justice, of Left Hand. To them, James and [Nancy], were born the following children: Romie Clarence, who married Icy Smith, daughter of the Rev. J. Herby Smith; Annie, who married Robert Burkehart, of Charleston; Brooks, Sallie, Hazel, Cecil, Beatrice; these last five are yet young and none of them are married.

    Absalom (or "Abb") Hall, son of William and Anna (Fullen) Hall, grew up and yet resides in Walton District; on March 4, 1880, married Rebecca J. Jones, of Walton. After [her] death he married Mina Cottle, of Reedy, August 25, 1920, his age 54, her age 42. Mina was a daughter of Charles and Minerva (Stewart) Cottle, and had been formerly married to George Burgess, father of her daughter Beulah. Of the children of Absalom by either wife I do not know.