Miller Cemetery


Submitted by Anita Miller Kimes.

Located 6 miles southwest of Spencer, travel US 33, Ripley Road, to Stover Fork Road.

Travel ΒΌ mile south on Stover Fork Road to a narrow paved road. Turn right. Travel .2 mile to a gravel/grass road on the right leading uphill to the cemetery at the top of the hill.  Cemetery is fenced and in excellent condition.

Compiled by John & Lena Burgess and Stella Anderson 9/29/1996.


Surname First Name Middle Name Maiden Name Date of Birth Date of Death Notes
Miller T D   1864 1911 son of Thomas and Druzilla Kirby Miller
Miller Icy     1891 1891  
Miller Cecil     1893 1896  
Miller Thomas     1830 1895 Son of Samuel and Rebecca Carpenter Miller
Miller Mary Jane   18 August 1871 26 March 1935 Daughter of Ezra Wilson
Miller Edna       2 December 1906 Daughter of John W. and Milda L Chapman Miller
Miller Alvira V   1867 1947 Wife of T.D. Miller, daughter of Ezra Wilson
Miller Howard     1904 1904  
Miller Birthena     27 April 1873 27 April 1875 Daughter of Thomas and Emily Phillips Miller
Miller Emily     1845 1896 wife of Thomas Miller
Miller Lois        1 June 1912 Daughter of John W and Mida L Chapman Miller
Miller Willard     25 February 1890 24 July 1891 Son of J.W. and L.D. Miller
Miller Frank J       No dates
Miller Nellie         Unmarked
Miller Floyd         Unmarked
Miller John W   12 December 1861 17 October 1943 Son of Thomas and Druzilla Kirby Miller
Miller John Jr Westly   12 May 1910 13 November 1992 PFC US Army WW II
Miller Martha Ella   1867 1937 Wife of Preston G Miller, daughter of Otha and Sarah Wright Wade
Miller Mida L   1 September 1879 10 December 1969 2nd wife of John W Miller, daughter of Maxwell and Ellen Costilow Chapman
Miller L Dove   21 January 1864 8 June 1904 1st wife of John W Miller
Cottrell Nettie     1897 1937 Daughter of Preston G and Martha Ella Wade Miller
Miller Preston G   1860 1939 Son of Thomas and Druzilla Kirby Miller
Miller James F   4 May 1871 8 October 1909  
Miller Bertha     27 April 1873 1875  
Miller Mary         Unmarked