Gen. Andrew Moore.

Andrew Moore, a lawyer by profession, was born in Conniscello, Augusta, now Rockbridge, County, Va. In 1774, he was admitted to the Bar. In October of that year he was with Andrew Lewis's Army at Point Pleasant. In 1776, as a Lieutenant in the patriot army, he participated at Saratoga, where he was promoted to a captaincy and served thereafter three years. The Virginia Legislature made him brigadier general of militia and in 1808 major general.

Gen. Moore had the distinction of being the only man west of the Blue Ridge, prior to the civil war, who ever represented Virginia in the Senate of the United States; which was during the administration of President Jefferson. He was a member of the Virginia Assembly from 1781 to 1789 and again from 1798 to 1800. In 1788, he was a delegate to the convention which ratified the United States Constitution. He was a member of Congress from Virginia during the entire administration of President Washington. In 1800, he was elected to the United States Senate, where he served three years. In 1810, President Jefferson appointed him United States Marshall for the state of Virginia, which office he was filling at the time of his death. His son, Samuel Moore, represented Virginia in the Legislature and in Congress, a member of the Virginia Constitutional Convention 1829. In 1861, Samuel Moore opposed the secession of Virginia, but, going with his state, he served in the Confederate Army. The family have always been distinguished.

SOURCE:  The Battle of Point Pleasant, A Battle of the Revolution, October 10th, 1774, Mrs. Livia Nye Simpson-Poffenbarger, The State Gazette, Point Pleasant, W.V., 1909