Arthur Campbell.

Arthur Campbell, a cousin of Gen. Wm. Campbell, was born in Augusta County, Va., in 1743. At fifteen he was captured by the Indians and carried to Lake Erie. Escaping, he was employed as a guide, receiving therefor one thousand acres of land which he located near the present site of Louisville, Ky. In 1772, he was a Justice of Fincastle County, Va., and later a Major of Militia. After the Battle of Point Pleasant, 1775, he represented his county in the Virginia Assembly. In 1776, he was chosen County Lieutenant for Washington County, which office he held for thirty years. He joined Sevier in the movement to establish the state of Franklin for which Patrick Henry removed him from office and the legislature re-instated him. In his latter life he joined his sons at Middleburg, Ky., where he died in 1811.

SOURCE:  The Battle of Point Pleasant, A Battle of the Revolution, October 10th, 1774, Mrs. Livia Nye Simpson-Poffenbarger, The State Gazette, Point Pleasant, W.V., 1909