John Draper.

Lieut. John Draper, of the Battle of Point Pleasant, was born in 1730, and was one of the pioneer settlers of Drapers Meadows, where, in 1755, occurred that dreadful massacre, in which his wife and sister were captured by the Indians. In 1765, he removed to Drapers Valley on the line between Pulaski and Wythe Counties, Va. He was commissioned a Lieutenant in one of the Fincastle Companies in 1774. He died in 1828 at the age of nearly ninety-four years.

Prominent members of the family are still resident of Drapers Valley. In 1886, John S. Draper, a great grandson of Lieut. John Draper, was the owner of the beautiful estate. John Draper was twice married; his first wife was Bettie.

After her return from captivity, she bore four sons and three daughters, she died in 1774, aged 42 years, and in 1776, he married Mrs. Jane Crockett, who bore him two daughters, Alice and Rhoda. By the first marriage, the sons were George, James, John and Silas. The names of the other two daughters are to us unknown.

SOURCE:  The Battle of Point Pleasant, A Battle of the Revolution, October 10th, 1774, Mrs. Livia Nye Simpson-Poffenbarger, The State Gazette, Point Pleasant, W.V., 1909