Col. William Flemming

Col. William Flemming was renewed not only as a military genius, but as a learned physician and gentleman of culture. While twice severely wounded at the Battle of Point Pleasant, he recovered and was subsequently acting Governor of the State of Virginia. He was a Scotchman of proud lineage. Born Feb. 18, 1729. Prior to Dunmore's war he was Lieut, under Gen. Forbes in 1760-61. In 1762 he was Capt under Col. Adam Stephens at Vaux's and Stonakers forts. In 1763 he married Anne Christian. His home was at "Belmont" in Montgomery Co. The wounds he received at Point Pleasant disabled him for active participation at the war of the Revolution, but be was County Lieutenant, in further defense, in his country against Indians and State Senator 1780-81, acting Governor during the Cornwallis invasion 1781 Twice commissioner to settle local battles with Kentucky; member Virginia convention ratifying the constitution of 1788. He was benevolent and beloved and as a physician and surgeon his ministration to humanity was most extensive. His death Aug. 24th, 1795 was the result of wounds received at the Battle of Point Pleasant.

SOURCE:  The Battle of Point Pleasant A Battle of the Revolution, October 10th, 1774, Mrs. Livia Nye Simpson-Poffenbarger, The State Gazette, Point Pleasant, W.V., 1909